All right Muse, it’s time!


So finally, finally, I am looking at a nice juicy chunk of time that I can use to write!  I am down to adding in some scenes to Fix You before we are done and at a deadline.

But how to get rolling is a question.  My first priority is to SLEEP.  I figure basic brain function is useful to the creative process.

Then, I want a clean house.  I can’t think straight with the house I live in right now.  I keep looking over my shoulder, waiting for CPS or a fire marshal to come condemn the disaster.  It’s not that bad, but still (it’s pretty bad).

When I was in college, my roommate and I used to clean everything off our desks in our room (and stuff it somewhere else) so that we had a clean canvas, or palette, or what have you.  If my house is my palette, it’s got a big blob of mess on it.  Time to fix that.

Finally, then I can court the Muse.  Rested and refreshed with a clean house, I might get something going!  But one thing career writers will tell you is that you must write every day, not just when the mood strikes.  I agree, but if I can’t think straight, it makes writing a little difficult.

I like to picture my Muse as something a little less classical, too, and then I can spin a yarn around that Muse.  I think my Muse might look a lot more like the fellow below than the dainty creature above. 😉yum

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