Between a block and a hard place…

Real life. Man, it has a way of shutting down the ol’ creative fire. I was so excited and revved up for Nano, and then, well, this week happened. The last 11 days actually have had all sorts of challenges, and I’m muddling through, but I finally owned up to one thing.

I hated the work in progress I was writing. Hated the sound of the words. Hated the attitude of the protagonist. The whole piece felt like a suit made of scratchy steel wool.

So I think I’m going to be brave and START over. I don’t know why sometimes the writing process is easy, and sometimes it’s hard (currently blaming the end of Daylight Savings Time and the election).


But I have to believe that I can write something good. And that at some point in all of this struggle and hard work, I will break through. I’m betting it’s not ever going to get any easier, but I am betting that persistence pays off.

That’s a lot of wagering, so send me your good wishes and luck. 😉  And thanks again for all the reviews you’ve left on Amazon!



2 thoughts on “Between a block and a hard place…

  1. Debbi Burton

    Of course you can do this. You are Beck Anderson, woman extraordinaire! We are all going to need all kinds of bravery, kindness, and plenty of fresh new starts. Write on!


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