Book Trailers

So, the only book trailers I’ve ever really noticed on my own are fan-made.  I suspect at some point in the process, I will probably end up with one.  But my question is, do people watch them?  Where do they find them?  On the author’s blog? On You Tube?

I like fan-made ones because usually the premise is “here’s what I want this book to look like when it’s a movie.”  You know, the fun of dream casting the book to your liking and all that.

What are your thoughts?  If you’re an author, have you made a trailer?  Did you find it to be something that brought people to your book?

I wonder if anyone has had a fan contest to make their own trailers.  That would be a blast.

Let me know if you have a trailer you saw and liked, and if you think trailers make a difference. Thanks, peeps!



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