Do you love SWAG? I think you do.

I’m talking about stuff we are going to give away! Woo hoo! Not to be confused with swag as in swagger, the attitude teen boys have that causes them to wear their hats sideways with the brim flat.

I’ve been working with the folks at Literati and Omnific to cook up some awesome giveaways for the launch of Fix You. Stay tuned, I think you’ll be pleased.

In the meantime, if you are a reader, have you liked my Facebook page? Be sure to, so I can give you a holler (cut me some slack, I lived in TN for a while) when we’ve got details for the giveaways.‎

If you’re a blogger, I think the blog tour is still accepting sign-ups.


2 thoughts on “Do you love SWAG? I think you do.

    • beck Post author

      Thanks, Jen! I had to get a little coaching on how to turn a link live inside the blog. Good tip. Tonight I’m going to see what I can cook up for a countdown to the release date! And thank you as always for all of your coaching and support. You truly rock. 🙂


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