Gorgeous song, gorgeous book trailer…


Well until I get a little more techie and find a way to put this somewhere permanent on the site (who are we kidding, I’m going to send a message to my amazing web designer and ask her how to do it), here is the link to the FABULOUS book trailer for Fix You:


Micha Stone from Omnific made it.  Pretty, no?

If you got a wild hair and shared it on your FB page, I would enter you in a flash drawing on Friday for a signed paperback!  Woohoo! Just leave a comment with a link here or let me know on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/beckandersonauthor

But the gorgeous voice, that is my very talented friend and former student Alex Street.  The song is called Lost.  I think it’s very appropriate to Kelly and Andrew’s story in Fix You. You should go to Alex’s Facebook Page and like it:


I like to lay claim to people who I know will be famous one day and pretend like I had something to do with it (ha!).  But at some point you will be able to look back and say, “Hey, that Beck girl did know Alex Street a long time ago.”

So enjoy the trailer, lovelies.  I am off to lie flat somewhere and try to write (smushed back, herniated disc, long boring story) what will sure to prove to be pure fictional gold (double ha!).



2 thoughts on “Gorgeous song, gorgeous book trailer…

  1. deb pugliese

    A friend told me about your books and I can’t wait to read them. Saw the Fix You trailer on Amazon and fell in love with that song (and your story), so I’m really glad to find the name of the singer. What a beautiful voice. I think you’re right–he’s headed for big things. And you are, too!


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