So psyched to debut the website and try my hand at an inaugural blog post.

Is this site beautiful or what?  That credit goes to sayFINN design agency and sweet Caroline.  She is amazing.  The prettiness that is the site makes me feel some serious pressure to match the aesthetics with equally attractive wordsmithing.  Don’t know if I can manage!

It’s been a really exciting spring for me.  I got word in February that Fix You was going to be published.  That is the realization of a lifelong goal.  I am still trying to wrap my head around that.

Then came the “get an author photo,” then, “we need your input on cover design,” then “we’re going to London, what do you want your blurb to be?”  and the excitement just kept going and going.

And I hadn’t even gotten to the fun part yet — working with an editor!

To sum up (and keep this first entry short — don’t want to set up the expectation for lengthy future posts) — at each turn, the journey towards a published book just keeps getting better and better.

Thanks to Rachel Sutherland for the awesome author pics.  Thanks to Jessica at Omnific for English language superpowers.  Thanks to Omnific and Elizabeth for bringing me into the fold.

Thanks to the Chix and my family and friends.

GRATITUDE exploding all over the place, my peeps.

Can’t wait to keep on truckin’!



resized angel background author pic

photography: Rachel Sutherland



3 thoughts on “WEBSITE LAUNCH!

  1. S. Kay

    Beck! Love the pix! I cannot wait to hold the book in hand. The “teases” already have me wanting to read more. Beautiful Web site – by the way. I am so excited to watch this ALL unfold. You have so many people cheering you on! Congratulations! sk

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