Hollywood at its Hollywoodiest!

oscars red carpetThe Golden Globes are tomorrow night, kicking off the awards season, when the glamour and drama of the movies is at its best!

The funny thing about the awards season now that I am a working mom (that’s two full-time jobs) and trying to be a writer, and usually poor, is that I have seen maybe one of the nominated movies each year.  I have turned into a “I’ll catch it on DVD/Netflix” girl. Sigh. So glamourous, my life…

When I was eight, my dad got a job as managing editor, I believe, of a magazine called Moviegoer.  As a result, for the next seven or so years, I was totally linked into movies.  We went as a family to a ton of them.  My dad would tell stories of being on set (he got to meet Michelle Pfeiffer on the Ladyhawke set, and I was bummed because I was in love with Matthew Broderick from War Games) or meeting people at Elaine’s in New York.

It got me hooked.  When I was in college I worked a summer at the movie theater in the town where my folks lived.  Dead Poets Society and Honey I Shrunk the Kids were playing.  I saw them a million times, taking my fifteen minute breaks by sitting in the darkened theaters.  I could get into any movie theater in town free that summer, so I saw a LOT of other movies, too. (Sidenote: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck worked at a movie theater that summer, too — Damon told Esquire about watching Dead Poets Society, selling popcorn, and taking tickets!)

So writing about Andrew and his movie star life in Fix You is just another variation on the theme of Hollywood in the history of me.  I guess we’ll stay tuned, peeps, to see how Hollywood and my life cross paths next…




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