I have no words…okay I have words, but fewer of them!

So today I’m enjoying spring break, taking a shower where I actually have time to shave my legs.  The phone rings. My phone never rings EXCEPT when I’m in the shower.

I didn’t catch it, obviously, so I check the number. It’s Tennessee.  I have family there.  I do that annoying thing where I just immediately call the person back (I know, I know).

Well, it was a very nice woman named Diane.  With very nice news.  I am a RWA® RITA® Finalist! For Best First Book and Best Contemporary Romance!  And I am in amazing company.  Like Nora Roberts and Jill Shalvis company.

Holy moly.

I jumped around a lot. I yelled a lot. Little Stefano diMera the chihuahua barked at me to stop my racket. I called my hubs, who is out of town on business.  I called my mom and dad.

And then I went to pick my child up from ice skating camp. Because that is the glamourous life that I lead.

But really, I am HONORED and PSYCHED.  I can’t even.

Here’s the link to the article in USA TODAY: (I know, right!)


So now everything I do today (break up fights between sons, buy milk), I do with a big goofy perma grin on my face.




3 thoughts on “I have no words…okay I have words, but fewer of them!

  1. Kate

    Huzzah!!! A most well deserved honor. I finished Fix You this morning. I loved Kelly’s narrative….and her mind journeys. The father of my son was a fabulously talented poet and artist who could not defeat his addiction to alcohol. Although our marriage ended when our son was 2 due to his drinking (no violence, no meaness, just heartbreaking).He died when our son was 18. We were friends, we loved each other, but I could not live with him…..Thank you for this lovely, honest, endearing novel.

    • beck Post author

      Thank you, Kate, for sharing your story with me! I’m honored that you found some truth in Fix You.


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