It’s a beautiful glass…

Hi all.  Well where the heck have I been, huh? Long story. Made short here:

Take one action-packed summer with my hubs and my kids.  Add two or so months of a crisis in confidence. A pinch of stinging criticism. Sprinkle in a dash of fear of failure and a big messy blob of “holy crap the school year started off crazy.”

What’s it all add up to? Miss Beck procrastinating and avoiding writing. A lot.

But recently I was given a reminder from the universe.

You see, my family recently said good-bye to my wonderful Aunt Joann after a long illness. And I was able to travel back to see all my cousins and my uncle and my mom and step-dad to celebrate her life.

It’s awe-inspiring to see the tapestry of a person’s life, woven with so many people and so much love, laid out with the words and memories of all the people who come together to say goodbye.

But however long a life is, it’s too short. And when it will be that we get to say our own goodbye, none of us knows.

So the “I’ve been meaning to”‘s we all say, those things we’ve been meaning to get around to, maybe we need to attend to those.

I was lucky enough when I was there to go give the local library a copy of Fix You, because my aunt wanted to make that happen, and we were able to take care of one of her “meaning to”‘s for her. And I have to say, traveling with a family posse/entourage/hype squad rocks. I intend to bring them along to all of my book events.

Putnam County Library

Anyway, one of my “I’ve been meaning to”‘s is to finish up what I’m working on and move on to writing something else. And I came home from the funeral with a new sense of urgency for my writing. The self-doubt and self-sabotage are all still hanging around in the background, nasty as ever, but here I am.

And I got one more extra nudge from a great video I saw about a man who had lost his wife. I’m linking to it because, well, it’s amazing.  But also because it reminds me to get on with the business of this beautiful glass we call life, and for me, at least, I’m happiest when I let go and get to the meaning to’s.

Have a terrific month and get to your own meaning to’s, peeps!



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