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I’ve been a bit of a slug in updating the blog, haven’t I? I will share that in my other working world I did have the bizarrely nerve-wracking but actually not-so-terrible pleasure to put on a good old-fashioned spelling bee. If you see me sometime, we’ll have a drink, and I’ll tell you about it. Suffice it to say, it’s kind of a walk in a world I don’t hang in very often. Maybe there’s a story in there somewhere! Perhaps I could call it Akeelah and the — wait a minute…

But now I’m back because it’s April!  The showers are showering and the May flowers are bring-ering (made up word alert).  I am happy and WRITING! The angels are singing somewhere.  Actually, that’s my husband, because man, am I a grouch when I’m off my writing game.

But the biggest and best news is that TROUBLE ME, the sequel to FIX YOU, releases on MAY 12TH! Lots of caps in this paragraph! I’m really excited for you to meet up with Kelly and Andrew and see what they’ve been up to.

That’s all I have for now, but stay tuned for more Trouble Me tidbits, maybe a teaser or an excerpt or two… Your hint for the day, to give you a glimpse into the Trouble Me world, is that the title is also the title for a Natalie Merchant song from way back. Check out the lyrics. They are definitely inspiration for the novel (that’s me being all hint-y and mysterious).



first trouble me teaser with release date

One thought on “No excuses and news!

  1. Nicki Elson

    Oh yeah – that song! I loved it. Though now I can’t remember a damned lyric beyond “trouble me.” Hellooo Metro Lyrics or even better- I’ll give it a listen on the YouTube.

    Congrats on the release date!


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