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Howdy all.  Happy July!  Just a quick update and a few DEEP thoughts (not really, just some thoughts).

First, the update — this is the month that I GO TO RWA!  Very, very excited.  Besides all the cool meeting people and figuring out how this works parts, I also get to take a vacation of sorts with JUST my husband for the first time in recent memory.  AND it coincides with our anniversary.  All of this is mind-boggling in its significance. 🙂

I am knee-deep in working on The Jeweler, which I really think ya’ll are going to dig.  I get perma grin whilst working on it, so I take that as either a sign that it’s going to make you happy or a sign that I’m delusional. I’ll go with the first.

Okay. Now on to the DEEP thoughts.  Really quick, I promise.  A very good person that I happen to know shared with me today that she was probably going off Facebook so she could get some “space from social media.”  I like that.

She is not victim to this problem, but I am.  I am a pleaser, and I use social media to try to make people like me.  When I feel that I am really getting sucked into it, I know EXACTLY why this good person might want to go offline for a bit.  I think her motives are bit different than mine, but still…

I found this picture/quote, and I think it’s just what I am trying to say, except in a more appealing and succinct fashion:

confidence rose


So I think I should shut my mouth more often.

I’m heading into a very busy three or so weeks.  I will see what I can do about the personal space vs.  sharing yin/yang of social media.

I’d love to hear what you all think about this.  How do you use Twitter, Facebook, etc? Does it ever feel weird to you or like your motives are off? Do you ever need some “space” from the social tech world?

Hope your July is terrific, peeps!



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