Rose-smelling and other elusive pursuits

All right, all right, I get it.

I used to read stories about people who were in an exciting time in their lives, and they’d say something like, “It’s all a blur, I just want to stop and have a minute to take it all in,” and I’d say, “SHUT IT.  You have plenty of time.  Stop being a whiner.”

I’d like to whine for a moment.

I shared last time I was on here about the GREAT news about being a finalist for the RWA Rita awards.  I had two days to let that sink in before I had a huge deadline at real life work and in writing world work.  I thought two days was skimpy.

It was luxurious.

Since then, I got great news about a real life promotion in my work I do as an educator. I’ve had zero days to enjoy that — I again have two massive deadlines and I am also barely holding the homefront together, too, as my husband’s travel schedule is gearing up again (the snow is mostly gone).

I want so much to be grateful and let these good opportunities sink in, and instead they feel like sand through my fingers.

Actually, I feel like a dog with her head out of the window on a Montana highway goin’ ninety miles an hour.

If I tried to stop and smell the roses right now, I’d suffer a high-speed collision.

Anyway. It’s whining, I know.

So I went outside and actually smelled the lilacs on the old bush in our backyard.

It was a nice moment.  But I’d love to hear your secrets to savoring moments — when we all know they are so fleeting, how do you stay in them and really drink them in?  SUGGESTIONS, please.

Until then, I’m going to go play Uno with my boys — while I wrote this, I heard little dude pull all the draw four cards and put them in his pile.  Cheater.



Dogs Sticking Their Head Out the Window

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