So much fun and so nerve-wracking.

A few moments ago, I weighed in on the final drafts of the cover for Fix You.  Helping to choose the cover is supremely fun, and I am grateful, because I know authors with bigger publishers who don’t get a say whatsoever in the covers of their babies.

A friend I know published her first murder mystery with a wedding planner as the main character, and it was a witty, crackling-paced novel, and the cover she got was all pastels with a painting of a skeleton in a wedding dress.

It was weird.  Luckily the book still survived and her next covers were much more fitting.

But I got to give input.  So I am lucky.  I am also a nervous wreck.  All your sense, that sense that always makes it so easy to tell someone else if they’ve chosen a cute outfit?  It abandons me when it comes time to make a decision like this.

But I feel confident that it’s the best choice.  Mostly confident.  I trust the folks in charge, actually.

Can’t wait for you to get a peek and let me know what you think!

Talk to you soon, peeps.



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