Summa, summa, summer-time!!!

Will Smith, I miss your song.  I should hop on over to Spotify because I suspect there’s an awesome summer song playlist lurking there.

Right now I am FINALLY decompressing from an insane two and a half weeks at bricks and mortar work.  Little dude, the younger of my two sons, is watching Star Wars on VHS and asking way too deep questions about The Force.  And the other two guys of the household have disappeared downstairs to the cool of the basement to veg.

I am so grateful to have this time.  I thought when I grew up that I would be rich if I had a lot of money.  Not so, I would be rich if I had TIME.  It is my most precious commodity.

Can’t wait to refill my bucket for writing by resting, reading, and finishing up edits on The Jeweler.  I have a new idea up my sleeve that I’m looking forward to devoting my time to, and Trouble Me is waiting on the back burner for some attention.  What my makes me happy is that it feels like a treat to look ahead to all of that.  I love this job!  And I feel so fortunate to have a crack at making these stories something for you all to read and hopefully enjoy.

Well, I’m off to find that playlist, peeps.  Sip some lemonade and enjoy the official first day of summer!



P.S. I want DJ Jazzy Jeff’s jacket.  It’s tight!

will smith

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