Summer means writing in my neck of the woods. I am fortunate, in that I get a chunk of time off every summer, and I try to wring every second of writing time out of it that I can. Sometimes I can write during the rest of the year, but lately I’ll admit, the muse has been stingy. And I haven’t been chasing her as ardently as I should.

But summer is a time to redeem myself. I will eat right, spend time with my family, clean my house, do pinterest-y things around my house (no I won’t), and write.

I am looking forward to starting in on the sequel to Fix You. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to write it, but it’s been talking to me lately, as I wash dishes or vacuum. That’s a good sign.

And Fix You  itself will be one step closer to a fall debut, since our first round of hard-core editing will wrap up this season as well. It’ll be a productive summer! 🙂

That’s all for now, peeps.



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