The Song Game

I made mention of the infamous song game in a blog post for Xoxo After Dark (check it out here), and of course everyone wanted to know the rules.

I feel like you should know a few things before proceeding:
1. People will take this seriously. People like winning.
2. I got the rules from my pal Brett Eshelmann. He’s awesome.
3. You can play this in teams.
4. It’s great for car rides.
5. It’s also great if you have ten minutes left in class and can’t go on to the next lesson today (teacher world).
6. I’m not kidding — it can get cutthroat. And I am supposed to mention that my friend Anne always wins. Always (she’s so intense about me adding this point in, it scares me a little).

Here are the rules:

One person has to be the emcee. She thinks of categories. You need to have probably at least ten good go-to categories. A category might be colors, weather, or types of vehicles.

The competing people or teams then must think of a song that contains a lyric in that category. The team must then sing the lyric. Then the other team(s) must go, and the teams alternate until someone is stuck and can’t think of a song. Then the team left standing at the end of that category gets a point.

For example, I’m the emcee. I choose the category: colors. Let’s say Hulk, He-Man, and She-Ra are playing. Hulk goes first: he SINGS (if you don’t sing, you are disqualified): “little red corvette.” He-Man is up: “It was all yellow.” And so on. Players who are really good at it will think of lyrics inside of songs with colors mentioned that might not be part of the song’s title. For example: in Uptown Funk, Bruno sings: “Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold”. You wouldn’t get a bonus point for that advanced level of play,8332358023_551b160291_k photo: Ozan Hatipoglu

but you would win hearty respect from all witness to it.

If this makes no sense, leave a comment and maybe I will make a video of me and my compadres playing it. The last time I played it was on a business trip when we were lost on the freeways of the OC. A good time was had by all.

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