The Work in Progress Blog Tour #WIP

The Work In Progress #WIP Blog Tour

Jennifer Lane, my comrade in arms at Omnific, nominated me a while ago to participate in the WIP blog tour.  Now I’ve finally gotten my act together, so here we go.

First of all, Jennifer’s wonderful CONduct series is now available as a boxed set from Omnific, and you should buy it.  Go here and do that:

She tells us a little bit about her new book coming out in her #WIP blog here:

The rules: Provide the link back to the post by the person who nominated you. Write a little about and give the first sentences of the first three chapters of your current WIP, then nominate three other writers to do the same.

So, I am very on the home stretch of my WIP, The Jeweler.  I’m totally psyched to share it with the world.  It’s slated for an October release.

Here’s a little about it:

The Jeweler is the story of Fender Barnes, a jeweler who doesn’t believe in the one thing his whole business revolves around: marriage.  He doesn’t believe in love, for that matter. He’s cynical, he’s jaded, but he’s happy to sell an eager young guy an engagement ring for his fiancé to be. Except that the eager guy is hit by a car and killed. Fender, possessed by an odd moment of conscience, seeks out the girl who the ring was intended for.  And when he meets her, he can’t do it — he can’t tell her about the ring. Instead, he begins a long, ridiculous quest to find a way to tell her the truth, but he keeps falling more deeply for her as he does it.  It is a ton of fun to write and hopefully will be a ton of fun to read, too!


NOW, to the first sentences of the first three chapters:

1.  “I just don’t know, Jimmy. How come there aren’t any canaries?” The frosted tips of her bangs rested against the glass counter.

2.  When Pop had called five days later, Fender hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet.

3.  After the funeral, Ginger retreated to her mother’s house in Washington state.


I’m nominating the following 3 talented writers to reveal their WIPs 🙂

Rumer Haven —

Sarah Latchaw —

Georgina Guthrie —


Check out their blogs and their books!!

3 thoughts on “The Work in Progress Blog Tour #WIP

  1. Jennifer Lane

    Yay! That sounds like a fabulous plot. The Jeweler isn’t up on Goodreads yet, is it? I hope Omni posts it soon. Do you know the October release date? My release is on the 21st–it would be fun to share the day!


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