Update from Beck-land. Beck-world?

worst case blue teaserHowdy!

Happy Labor Day weekend (Labour if you’re Canadian). Hope you are somewhere safe (not flooded, Texans; not on fire, Montanans). Hope you are having a chance to relax.

Thought I would take a second to post and give an update on what’s up with my writing and what not.

Worst Case is all done and all edited (say yay for Jessica, Queen Supreme of all editors!).  I am fully into my school year (that’s my non-virtual job), and I’m even looking ahead to starting work on my next novel.

So what about Worst Case? Why haven’t I loosed it upon the world yet?

I am very lucky in that an agent has asked to look at it.

I’m completely prepared (mostly prepared) to self-publish it and get it out in the wild, but this was a door that opened, and so I am going to walk through the door and see if anything comes of it.

Send some positive affirmations and prayers my way that the agent adores it!

I, of course, will keep you posted.

Till then, happy almost-Fall and have a great and awesome weekend!



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