We have a winner!

Congrats to Stephanie Smith for winning the $50 Amazon gift card in our big dealio giveaway to celebrate Fix You‘s two Rita noms! While, alas, Fix You didn’t win, the whole experience in San Antonio was terrific, and my fellow nominees were such very classy ladies.

I also got to hear Nora Roberts and Hugh Howey present and give overall wonderful advice about writing, and met a ton of other neat authors, and spent some time with the hubs for our anniversary.  My husband totally rocks, you must know.  We went to a very fancy Brazilian steakhouse with a wine angel (no joke) to celebrate.  He made me feel very special and loved the whole week.  I am a lucky woman, I tell you what.

Anywho!  Now it’s on to a new job in my “other” life which I am psyched about and a DEADLINE in my author life (duh-duh-DAHHH).  Must. Get. Back. To. Work.

Can one of you come over and fold laundry? Thanks much. 😉

Have a great week and weekend!



wine angel de Brazil

The wine angel in action in San Antonio (picture courtesy The Sugden Family blog).  She wore black the night we were there.

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