“We can spend every waking moment together as soon as school’s out.” “Until you go away to college,” I say, He shakes a finger at me. -Worst Case Photography: D. Taylor in Idaho He comes closer and weaves his fingers in between mine. and I can hear a tiny tremble in the sentence. “Don’t get to the end before we even have our beginning.” “You can’t live life like that.” And there he is, Win, next to me in the water. He smiles, water droplets catching the light in his hair, He shakes his head, whipping his hair out of his eyes. -Worst Case Photography: D. Taylor in Idaho little mirrors and colors trapped in tiny globes. “Your smile gets crooked when you relax,” he says. In the distance the Tetons are tinged with pink and the sky is midnight blue, like the Crayola color. I swallow hard. -Use Somebody Photography: BLM Idaho 'South Fork Snake River' This place is coming damn close to taking my breath away. She turns and kisses me full-on, on the lips, for the briefest possible moment, before pulling away and facing out to the view again. I taste mint and feel sparks down to the base of my spine. -Use Somebody Photography: Anumpam_ts flickr user “I’m not kidding. Your safety is first. If anything happened to you…” “Same for you, Andrew. You know that. Life is precious and short. You’re talking to the expert at that, remember?” -Trouble Me I hustle out the door with Tucker to the waiting limo. No press. No photographers. This is a good sign. I’ve tried to warn Kelly. I hope she’s ready for the full-on fame game. It can get pretty damn old. -Trouble Me Photography: Corey Leopold “Real love is hard to come by, and it transforms the very long and sad road of life into the autobahn of love, light, and green eyes and freckles.” -The Jeweler Photography: Justin Marty “As summer began to unfold, the days warmed. The soil dried out, and the sun shone on the foothills Ginger tried to fight back the feeling of being swallowed up. ” -The Jeweler Photography: Hugh Millward and turned them lush green. “Diamonds weren’t forever ——— they were little pieces of carbon that had the random luck If that was supposed to symbolize marriage, -The Jeweler Photography: Civsix to get squashed deep below ground for centuries. then okay—trapped and squashed.” She caught herself thinking about him... That was the nicest feeling in the world. Fender locked his eyes on her, and that seemed to make her beautiful. -The Jeweler Photography: Charles Knowles She felt like she could be something better when he looked at her that way. just the way he looked at her when she was talking. No one had ever looked at her like that before. “... running finds me in my time of trouble, -Fix You Photography: Tydence Davis and I am rescued by the rhythm of it.” “Miss Reynolds, you’re going to want to put on your sunglasses -Fix You Photography: Eric Norris We’re about to throw your friend here to the wolves.” and look nonchalant. “It’s a bluebird day. Warm spring skiing, clear skies, soft snow. -Fix You Photography: Boise Metro Chamber On Upper Nugget, the turns come to me easily, someone terribly suave and possibly European. ” and I feel for a brief moment like an expert skier, “.... Real means that sometime in the next ten years, -Fix You Photography: Lukas Hofstetter I will develop the Harrison chin, which is actually no chin at all. Real is outweighing that big-head-on-a-toothpick Real is having things in your past that are ugly. Real is a mortgage and crow’s feet and sometimes getting sick and tired of driving kids and doing dishes and sometimes even getting sick co-star of yours by at least twenty pounds. of the person in the bed next to you every night.”